James Webb has done it again!

Latest image from the James Webb Space Telescope
Cartwheel Galaxy PGC 2284 a composite using NIRcam and MIRI cam.
The Cartwheel Galaxy is a lenticular galaxy and ring galaxy about 500 million light-years away in the constellation Sculptor. It is an estimated 150,000 light-years diameter, and has a mass of about 2.9–4.8 × 10⁹ solar masses; its outer ring has a circular velocity of 217 km/s.
Distance to Earth: 489.2 million light years
Discovered: 1941
Size: ~130,000 ly (diameter)
Discoverer: Fritz Zwicky
Constellation: Sculptor
Distance: 500 Mly (150 Mpc)
Apparent magnitude (V): 15.2